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How To buy From Tmall.com!

How It Works

  • You Choose Item

    choose the items form tmall.com.

  • We Buy

    we buy it according you choose.

  • We Deliver

    Shipping To You Home.

  • You Got It

    you got the item from Tmall.com

How To Buy From Tmall.com

Tmall shopping service: how to buy from Tmall.com website in English, Tmall-agent.com, Buy and international shipping from China Tmall English version Tmall.com Agent

Tips for You How to Buy/Choose Items from Tmall.com

Step 1. search products (Please use english)from tmall

Enter the items key word, you will find you need some times. Sometimes you want get Chinese traditional production and can not search it, lets us help you, tell us you description or picture, reference links.

Step 2. choose one of them Look picture and get your interesting items.

Step 3. Copy URL email us support@tmall-agent.com your requirement include quality, size, color, etc it's better give us you body measurement. This will be very helpful for us dealing your order. Then we can help you buy,pay and deliver goods for you

Sent items URL and size QTY Clolor to us

we receive your payment and then we will buy them.

items arrive at our place and we shipping to you home.